Artesania Mallorquina

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All items in this series can optionally be wrought with firewood and custom provided by the client, such as a piece of wood brought from a trip.
Currently we have:
Corn, orange, olive, strawberry, pear, apple, cherry, cypress, apricot, mulberry, acacia, apple, etc ... and all of Mallorca.


Key chain

Elegant key ring made ​​with different woods and shapes. High quality fittings.




Keychain with secret compartment

Made with the same materials and wood above, has a small secret compartment.
In the example shown, it is a ticket to an unforeseen reserve.





Perfume pendant

Compartment has container for perfumes.





Letter opener

Ideal as a gift or souvenir. High quality fittings.






Exclusively designed for those who want a touch of elegance or just want a reminder of our island.




Graphite Pencil

Exclusive designs and crafts. Same features as the pen.






Magnifying glass

Hardware and optical quality.





Bottle opener

Hardware quality. Reinforced.
Available chrome and gold.


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Artesania Mallorquina