Artesania Mallorquina


Traditionally trees have provided food, shelter, timber and heat. Since time immemorial, when a tree died in our fields, some of it still alive become furniture in our homes. Nowadays when a tree dies of our fields, disappears without a chimney more. This is our main goal, we want something from these trees will always remain alive in our home.

Mallorquina Craft are dedicated to the manufacture of wooden objects, trying to reproduce those objects that are traditionally used preferably in Mallorca, giving them new uses also adapted to modern times.

Craft Mallorquina we act primarily our native woods, such as almond, oak or carob. Occasionally, and with the inability to obtain raw materials from the island, we use imported woods such as walnut or pine fir. Significantly, it is very difficult to get wood from pruning almond procendentes annual Mallorca and yet there is no difficulty in getting wood stocked from other continents and thousands of miles away, with all that that implies environmentally.

We mention that worked in these woods, due to its high hardness, also causes premature wear of all shop tools such as saws, discs, blades, etc..

Our work includes searching for information on museums, associations, publications, the invaluable help of our elders and all the assistance we receive. We especially want to mention the tools of our parents and grandparents without which it would have been hardly possible to give birth to this project.

We ensure that the completion of our items is as natural as possible by fine polishing and application of waxes, natural waxes and ecological. Those who may have a use in the hand finished with a lacquered acrylic. The articles intended for direct contact with food are treated solely with organic olive oil.



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Artesania Mallorquina